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GarageBand is music-making software developed by Apple for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With this download, creating your own songs will be as easiest as ever with sharing options for giving your friends the opportunity of listening to your creations via social networks. With GarageBand you don’t need to have instruments or have played a single note before. This application simulates guitar, drums, piano and organ sounds, as well as including full editing tools and recording service to make recording your songs easy.

As well as the desktop version, GarageBand for iOS is free, but you can get additional features if you pay. On the standard release, you get three sounds: Keyboard, Guitar and Drums. Among the new features you can find on the ultimate title, these are mostly technological improvements, such as the number of tracks the software supports.

Besides social networks, with this version of GarageBand you can also save your songs to iCloud, in case you want to transfer your music to your Mac for a better edition. AirDrop - another sharing tool which only works with the mobile version, not for the desktop - is supported for showing your creations to others.

A complete tool with cloud storage compatibility and additional content

When you download and install GarageBand it will display three free virtual instruments: Keyboard, Smart Guitar and Drums. One main feature of this software is that it offers in-app purchases like samplers, amps or smart instruments. The good thing about this app is that you can start using simply by selecting an instrument. Take drums for example. With your finger, you have to tap the instrument as if you were playing it in real life, practice as much as you want and when you’re ready you can record the rhythm you have created.

Once you have used your instruments to create your musical piece, you can start editing the whole project and synchronizing your rhythms

Do the same with the guitar and the keyboard: tap, record and reproduce what you have done. Once you have used your instruments for your piece you can start editing the whole project and synchronizing your instruments. GarageBand also includes the Jam Session feature, in which multiple Apple devices can play simultaneously if they have the app installed.

Start playing the instruments with your finger
Start playing the instruments with your finger

GarageBand 2.0 Features

The following are the main features GarageBand included in its ultimate version:

  • Play virtual instruments (keyboard, guitar and drums in the free standard version)
  • Microphone integrated to record your voice
  • Third-party apps supported thanks to Inter-App Audio tool
  • In-App purchase (Smart instruments, sampler, amps)
  • In GarageBand you can play with your friends thanks to Jam Sessions: you just have to use your iPod, iPad or iPhone and sync with other devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • You can mix up to 32 audio tracks, recordings and loops
  • You can check current artists and songwriters’ tutorials in case you have any doubts
  • You can synchronize your creations with all your Apple devices thanks to iCloud
  • GarageBand supports multiple sharing options: Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud and AirDrop
  • You can create personalized ringtones for your devices

For more information about GarageBand, check the author’s website here.

You have many instruments to choose
You have many instruments to choose

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to download this music application are listed below:

  • iOS 7 or later
  • Compatible for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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