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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a CCG (Collectible Card Game) videogame developed by Blizzard Entertainment. This release is set in the fictional universe of Warcraft, one of the most iconic franchises of the company. Players have to battle using cards based on characters seen in Warcraft games to defeat their opponents in singular duels.

Gameplay mechanics are simple: you have to defeat your rival by dropping his total lives down to zero. You can do this by using creatures that will fight for you, or using spells to deal direct damage. However, you will have to do this before you run out of cards in your deck, so you’d better have a good strategy! There are three available game modes. You can train or try a new deck against AI-controlled opponents in Practice Mode, play regular or ranked matches against random people, or enter the Arena mode. This mode costs in-game earned gold to play, but you can get good rewards if you win several matches in a row without losing more than twice.

There are three available game modes: Normal/Ranked, Practice and The Arena.
There are three available game modes: Normal/Ranked, Practice and The Arena.

Epic Duels

To start playing Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft you will have to choose a hero to represent you in the battlefield. There are nine heroes available: Warrior (Garrosh Hellscream), Shaman (Trall), Druid (Malfurion Stormrage), Mage (Jaina Proudmoore), Warlock (Gul’Dan), Rogue (Valeera Sanguinar), Priest (Anduin Wrynn), Hunter (Rexxar) and Paladin (Uther the Lightbringer). Each hero has its own unique power; for instance, mages can hurl fireballs to deal damage, paladins are free to summon reinforcements to help them, and rogues can equip a dagger to destroy weak creatures or attack the enemy hero.

The gameplay is turn-based, and players have a limited amount of time to perform actions during their turn. When the match starts, you will see your opening hand and you will have the chance to replace some non-desired cards with other random ones. On every turn you earn an additional mana crystal. Most creatures and spells have a specific mana cost, so you will have to find the best strategy to optimize mana usage. At first you will only be able to summon small minions and weak abilities, but as the match moves forward and players get more mana to spend, you will have to deal with some powerful beasts and devastating spells.

The gameplay is turn-based, and players will have a limited amount of time to perform actions during their turn.

Every three victories you will earn ten gold coins. When you gather one hundred gold coins you can purchase a booster pack which includes five different cards, and you will also receive a rare or even a legendary card if you are lucky! As well as this, cards have a small chance of being golden. These cards are the same as non-golden ones, but the art will be animated instead of being a still picture. It is pretty funny to turn your enemy’s most powerful creature into a golden, animated sheep using a golden polymorph. You can also get new cards by buying packs with real money, or disenchanting the ones you already have into a form of currency called arcane dust, which can be used to craft new cards of your choice.

Every booster pack contains four regular cards and at least a rare card.
Every booster pack contains four regular cards and at least a rare card.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Closed Beta Features

Here you can see some of the features of this release before you download it:

  • Choose your hero: use your favorite hero, level it up and unlock golden basic cards
  • Test your skills in the arena: defeat nine opponents in a row without losing more than twice to get outstanding rewards
  • Interactive boards: some of the most iconic locations in the Warcraft universe, like Stormwind and Pandaria, have been turned into boards on which the cards are played
  • Create your strategy: decks can be focused on control spells, aggressive creatures, secrets, etc. Build the perfect one for you!
  • Collect them all: you can get new cards for your collection, buying booster packs or crafting them with arcane dust

If you need more information about this release before you download it, feel free to check the official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft are listed below:

  • Operating system: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64x2
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB or higher
  • Video Card: ATI RadeonX1600 Pro/ NVIDIA GeForce6800 or better
  • Hard disk: 3 GB free space available


Hearthstone Review. Warcraft heroes meets in a tavern for a card game

By Sander Petrus

On Monday, April 14, 2014

It is a fact ,board games are back and great titles like Catan or Carcassonne attract more and more users around a table every day with the intention to create their own story.

Blizzard jumps into the card games world (in digital format) with HearthStone : Heroes of Warcraft, a franchise revision inspired by the legendary Magic: The Gathering .

A duel of magic

HearthStone is presented through Battle.net in free-to-play format and puts ourselves on a sorcerer shoes sitting across the table in front of another magician to fight in a battle of invocations where our cards and its potential, will be as important as our expertise and strategy use.

Since its open beta, millions of players have been enjoying the Blizzard's ability to develop good games and now, with the downloadable final product, fun remains the same as the first day.

The game idea is based on Warcraft's world. Nine races got together in a tavern and leave their masters' battles aside, to earn some fame and pride in a game of cards. Each will feature thirty lives and thirty cards, drawing from his deck by turns. Each card will have a mana cost from 0 to 10 crystals and will invoke: spells, weapons or monsters. Our mission will be to defeat our opponents using our cards.

Is possible to fight other opponents through Battle.net and against the computer, but the game will always ask for an online connection to rank our capabilities efficiently. At the beginning HearthStone will have a pre-built deck, which will be improved by us to win our battles and overcome the challenges we'll face. Our success will depend on the formation of a balanced and powerful deck, and even our climb in Battle.net ranking. Although it may seem complicated, HearthStone is so well balanced that we will become experts almost without realizing it. There are few cards capable of completely unbalance the battle but all can be counteracted, allowing the need to be focused on the board at all times and that any opponent could challenge top players.and emerge victorious, with good technique and strategy.

Although this is a free-to -play game, the typical micro-payments and more anecdotal than necessary. Yes, it exists, but it doesn't ensure any improvement since (as happened when we bought Magic cards) it will only offer envelopes that can contain anything. Blizzard has definitely thought about the average user when they design the game and they wanted to eliminate the disadvantages that can be observed in other games.


  • Accessible, understandable and very visual
  • Addictive, broad and challenging for the pro-player.
  • Micropayments not distortive, are entirely optional for the impatient
  • Great balance between playing styles, charts and rhythms shift.


  • Some card descriptions are not so clear.
  • Games against the CPU opponents are not very smart.
  • We want more battle fields!
  • Can be very addictive :)