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Cut the Rope 2 is the new release from Zeptolab, the acclaimed developer of Cut the Rope and its spin-offs. In this installment, our cute monster Om Nom finally gets out of his box and visits places such as forests, beaches, a junkyard, a beautiful park and even the underground. In this way, each world of Cut the Rope 2 is set in a different environment with beautiful visuals.

Now, Om Nom can move freely around the screen.

Apart from that, this installment brings some other interesting novelties. The most important one is that now, Om Nom can move freely around the screen. Nevertheless, this does not mean that we can control his movements; he can move about the scenario thanks to either some mobile structures or his new friends. This may be very helpful for reaching his beloved candy, but it can also be a drawback, since he can fall and lose his chance of getting fed.

Another important change regarding previous releases is that now, instead of unlocking new worlds (or boxes) by completing all levels, you must reach a pre-determined amount of stars. At first this task is easy, but once you go through the game, getting stars becomes more and more difficult. However, if your abilities are not enough, and you cannot unlock the following worlds, you can purchase the unlocking key with real money.

Meet Om Nom’s new friends

While traveling around different worlds, Om Nom visits old friends who help him to reach his precious candy. We meet five cute new mini-monsters in total, with amazing powers that will prove to be very useful. The first one we meet is Roto, a little creature which lives in the forests and has the special ability to fly. With his propeller-like pseudo-limbs, this small monster can fly and take you with him on his travels. Toss is another of your friends, and she lives in the city park. Thanks to the spring-shaped limb on her head she can throw you very high to help you reach your food.

Boo lives in the underground, and his special ability is the terrifying defense that will scare you and make you jump. Lick lives in the Sandy Dam, and he will help you thanks to his strong tongue, which he uses as a bridge, or to prevent you or your candy from falling. Finally, you will meet Blue in the junkyard. He has the ability to multiply himself in seconds.

Apart from these new friends, Om Nom has the possibility of being customized. You can make him wear hats and different accessories. Some of them are unlockable, but in order to get others, you must pay real money. However, Om Nom is not the only thing that can be personalized. Once you download Cut the Rope 2, you are free to choose the appearance of the candies and also the effect of your line on the screen.

Cut the Rope 2 1.0.1 Features

These are the outstanding features of Cut the Rope 2:

  • Get out of the box! New locations to play and explore such as the underground, a forest or a junkyard
  • Five new friends to help you: Toss, Roto, Blue, Boo and Lick
  • Now you can customize Om Nom with hats and other accessories
  • New gameplay elements to challenge you on the different levels
  • 120 new levels to play

If you are interested in Cut the Rope 2 and want more information about this game before you download it, feel free to visit the official website .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and play this game on your mobile device are:

  • Operating system: iOS 4.3 or later versions
  • Free space: 84.4 MB available

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