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There was a time when the Internet was the new nerd garage and thousands of ideas and apps were opened everyday with new and interesting possibilities for users. From social networks, forums, band sites—things that later on would be eaten by Facebook and Google giants, making developers as rich as they could imagine, but users lost on services under registration. Picnik.com was one of those amazing services absorbed by the multicolor browser, and was integrated into the Picasa platform, making it effectively disappear.

In 2012 Brian Terry and Justin Huff, two former Picnik engineers trying to keep the spirit alive, developed PicMonkey, taking the original heritage and creating a new photo-editing service. Faster than Picnik and with new enhancing tools, effects and interface, the new editor was launched as freemium (with advertising) and a membership service known as “Royal”. It allows you to edit your pictures online with no restrictions.

Different tools, layouts and effects to choose
Different tools, layouts and effects to choose

How to use

No download, no installation—just go into PicMonkey.com and start editing. Three options are constantly available: Edit a photo, Create a Collage, and Design. The three of them will upload and manage your pictures incredibly well, and quickly too. Different layouts will be displayed to let your imagination fly.

Paint, design, edit, retouch…there are multiple possibilities for photo editing with this application. You can even, if you want, download the add-on for Google Chrome and edit the pictures from within the website you are visiting. Create incredible collages and print them with no cost. The service has a payable option, the Royale version, to complete the editing options with more tools and effects.

No download, no installation, just get into PicMonkey.com and start editing your photos

The program is sustained by adverts and is compatible with other applications like Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox. PicMonkey follows the same idea that Picnik started and Instagram had used to catch millions of users around the world: easy-to-use tools and interface, intuitive display, and more-than-capable software for quick photo editing. Get into the free app flow and continue supporting the garage dream before the big companies eat them all up.

PicMonkey 1.5 For Chrome Features

Check the latest features for this program here:

  • Extremely easy interface
  • Quite fast image administration
  • Different kinds of tools and effects
  • Seasonal effects and special tools
  • Postcard creator and free online mailing
  • Picnik heir

System Requirements

PicMonkey is an online photo editor that works in most of the common browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer 10) The add-on requires the latest version of the Flash Player installed (over 11). For that reason it will not work on Apple mobile devices, but it can work on Android with the Flash app installed. PicMonkey does not even work on Microsoft Explorer 8 or earlier.

For more information about this online photo editor before download, please check the developers’ website

  • Really fast editor
  • Complete set of tools and effects to edit your pictures
  • Completely free
  • No registration required
  • Royale version with no ads
  • Is online so it will need constant online connection

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