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JBuilder is a complete Java development environment. Its objectives are: increase the productivity of team and individual development, improve code performance and quality, and enhance the comprehension of existing and new code. It supports the latest application servers, so the user just needs a single IDE for deployment without depending on which application server is being used.

Both experienced and novice Java EE developers can manage a more simplified RAD development provided by its Graphical EJB Workbench. Clutter is reduced with a set of UI profiles. The initial configuration of your workspace is easier with the Getting Started wizard. These tools help to enhance feature navigation and usability.

You can have simultaneous access to the Graphical EJB Workbench and data source
You can have simultaneous access to the Graphical EJB Workbench and data source

The logic, evolution, structure and source code of the developed application are included in the version control. JBuilder helps the developers to understand if a performance issue is associated with memory or the CPU. The debugger incorporated in this IDE gives real-time information about the progress of different threads running in the virtual machine memory.

JBuilder is a turnkey solution that provides a wide range of features from the start

JBuilder designs metrics and audits to help developers fix and find problems in their developing code. The creation of Java Swing applications is faster with the Swing Designer that JBuilder provides, incorporating a complete set of construction tools in its user interface. This IDE also supports UML modeling that can automatically synchronize changes in the code, and vice versa.

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JBuilder includes the TeamInsight feature that allows collaboration team projects manageability. The whole team shares a Web portal with real time statistics and data. When on line, all the projects are synchronized. It also comes with CodeGear’s plugins that you don’t need to download. Although other applications allow you to download them for free, you can save that time because that task is avoided here. JBuilder includes Optimizely profiler, the Together code and modelling visualization tool, and application factories.

JBuilder is a turnkey solution. JBuilder provides a wide number of reporting tools, web tools, performance and test tools, data tools and third-party additions including Sping IDE, that other competitors don't include. There is a support center where the customer can register and get access to, as well as download, a great deal of information about JBuilder for free.

Represent your web services in UML
Represent your web services in UML

JBuilder 2008 R2 Features

  • Web, Visual EJB and JPA services development
  • Code metrics and audit
  • Code analysis and coverage
  • UML 2.0 code archeology and modeling
  • Source code management, continuous builds, project planning and integrated tracking for collaborative team development
  • Support for Java application servers and leading commercial.
  • Web service protocol container and profile performance through RMI, JDBC, JSP, EJBs, JNDI and JMS.
  • Performance tuning with CPU and memory profiling capabilities
  • Embarcadero ToolCloud enables tool deployment and centralized license management

If you need more details about JBuilder you can visit the official website here

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP (SP3)
  • Processor: (2.4 GHz) Intel Pentium 4 or compatible
  • RAM: 1GB
  • HDD: 700 MB of free space
  • High-resolution monitor

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